Jørgen Rye, Denmark

songwriter, producer


Pop with a sense of everything


Based in Aarhus, Denmark with my own studio I work as a songwriter with vocalists in Denmark and U.S, and my music is best described as pop with a sense of everything, I guess.

So far I have recorded and published three albums in Denmark with Rye&Roed and Get Grey. My first album "Mainstream" came out in 2011, the album "Steps" was released in march 2014 and in 2017 I've released the EP "Get Grey - Time to go". Right now I’m working on new songs with different vocalists. The style is as mentioned pop but a sense of jazz, soul and latin seems to jump into the sound.

I have played music all my life mostly as a guitarist in a lot of different coverbands, but about 10 years ago I began to write my own songs and since then I have had a fantastic journey trying to figure out what good music is all about.

The Sound of L.A.



“Interstate sessions” is a working title for a new album, where I write and record songs at my homestudio in Denmark with danish musicians and then hire professional session singers in a collaboration with producers in U.S. and U.K.

8 songs in the pipeline


My plan is to write and record 8 songs with american vocalists for the "Interstate sessions"-album and so far some of them have been recorded and others are still on the way. You can hear some premix here.


The idea is to mix the nordic songwriting with the american westcoast sound and to see what happens, when songs cross the border.


"Feel it coming" (vocals: Evan) is Here

"We will find" (vocals: Terrone) is Here

"Right words" (vocals: Filip) is Here

"Waltzing away" (vocals: MG) is Here

"Loneliness" (vocals: Terrone) is Here

"No why" (vocals: Dave) is Here

"Bring you water" (vocals..) is Here

"Missing you" (vocals..) is Here


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